10 Signs That Your Website May Need a Redesign

So many companies are launching brand new websites, and for good reason. Technology is changing, design trends are coming and going, how sites are used is changing, even things such as social media and community interaction are changing and shaping how websites should...

Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Today, businesses have many ways to market themselves. But deciding on a marketing method, particularly when you are a small or even a mid-sized business with a small budget and limited resources, can be difficult. While social media marketing is generally free, it...

Why a Good Website Matters to Your Business

For most businesses, a web site is one of the most important investments you can make. Entrepreneurs are either overspending or under spending on their web sites, and many have no idea what they’re doing or why. So today I’m going to talk about why a good, solid web...

Is Web Design and Development Education Obsolete

A Resounding No! Web designers and developers are a sought-after profession in the booming world of ecommerce. With so many website builders online, you might imagine otherwise. The fact is that businesses prefer to hire experts. You might be forgiven for thinking...

Prime Consulting is a Small Company with Big Ideas

We support businesses in Northwest Indiana. Our customers find out quickly that we are not just another website design or digital consulting company. By combining the strengths of business consulting with web design, we actually build and strengthen your brand as we build your website. And our prices are highly competitive with the market, so the value of your investment is increased.

With over 25 years of business experience, website design, marketing, business development, and non-profit leadership, you will find our strategies to be very precise and rewarding. We truly help companies translate their business goals and ideas to operational reality and positive ROI.

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